13 Delicious Banana Recipes To Try At Home

News Desk: Banana Recipes – When it comes to cooking with fruits, most of us can’t help but think of salads and desserts like puddings and pies. Some may say that a fruit is best eaten raw or may be included in shakes and smoothies. You’d be surprised to know that fruits like bananas are widely used in savoury dishes like Banana chips, Banana samosa and Banana pakora. Talking of bananas, very few people know that the fruit actually belongs to the family of berries!

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Rich, creamy with a subtle hint of sweetness, bananas can be used in their entirety. From the fruit to the leaves and flowers – the culinary possibilities are endless. In India, bananas are used in a variety of preparations like banana chips, raw banana curry, pachadis, kebabs and pakodas.

Wrapped in yellow jackets, not only are bananas a treat for your taste-buds but they also offer a whole lot of health benefits. High in fibre, bananas are great for digestion and aid in the growth of good gut bacteria. Keep a couple of them tucked in your bag to tame those untimely, mid-meals hunger attacks. Bananas are also a good source of B-vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants. We know that bananas are rich in Vitamin C but do you know that they act as a great stress fighting nutrient? Bananas help in repairing the cell damage caused due to stress.
Have a hangover? Go bananas!
Alcohol’s diuretic effect depletes our potassium levels. Bananas are a a rich source of potassium and help in restoring regular levels. It replaces the electrolytes lost and boosts energy levels. In fact, they also help in lowering high blood pressure, prevent strokes and promote overall heart health.
How to buy, store and cook
You can choose to buy the green, unripe ones. Unripe bananas mature on their own and last over a week. Ripe ones are yellow in colour with black patches and firm body. While buying, look out for the ones with unblemished skin. Bananas are best stored at room temperature, away from sunlight. Avoid refrigerating and keep them away from other fruits. Any contact with fruits like apples accelerates its ripening process. A limp and soggy fruit is indicative of over-ripeness.
Bananas can be deep fried, mashed, curried or added in shakes, smoothies, desserts and salads. If you need inspiration, turn to our 13 best banana recipes.
1. Banana Fritters
Popularly known as Pazhampori, these are a traditional, well loved Malayali evening snack. Chunky banana pieces are coated in batter and deep fried till crispy, golden brown.